Mandy Abrahamsen, Disability Management Advisor

School of Occupational Health and Safety, Professional Diploma in Integrated Disability Management (DIDM) Student

Industry Leading Disability Management Education


Shortly after she accepted the position of Disability Management Advisor with the federal government, Mandy Abrahamsen learned that there was a change in the educational requirements for the post. Years had passed since the 25-year veteran of public service had attended formal post-secondary education and she was apprehensive. Although, she had remained active and engaged, attending training courses that were offered by the federal government, she had not completed other formalized learning.


Her primary responsibilities included managing employee disabilities or absences in the workplace due to illness or injury. She knew she would require a program that would provide industry-leading Disability Management education, and that would not require that she take a leave of absence from her job. This ultimately led her to the online Certificate in Integrated Disability Management (CIDM) at the University of Fredericton.


The UFred Impact


Mandy began her Certificate in Integrated Disability Management (CIDM) in mid-2015. Upon completion, she met the criteria for education in her new position, but she didn’t stop there: “I had such a positive experience attending UFred, I decided I was going to continue with further studies by obtaining a Professional Diploma in Integrated Disability Management (DIDM),” she said.


Mandy found great value in the relationships she had developed and has maintained with her classmates. She remarked, “I’m so proud to be part of a team that demonstrates utmost professionalism in the work that they do.” Also, “the instructors, they deliver course material in such a professional manner, and they demonstrate that they have a good sound knowledge of the material that they are presenting and teaching,” she said.


Continued Post-Secondary Learning


Her education at UFred has given Mandy that extra boost of confidence she needed to be successful:

 “It’s improved my communication skills when I engage with employees both verbally and in writing, and most of all it has announced my knowledge in the field of Disability Management, allowing me to feel confident in my role as a Disability Management Advisor.”

Mandy is applying the knowledge and information she is receiving from her current course of study, the Professional Diploma in Integrated Disability Management (DIDM), to her role. “On a daily basis, I apply the concept and the information I’ve learned by attending the courses,” she said. Looking ahead, she may one day wish to complete a degree in Disability Management and remarked:

 “If in the future I wish to continue my post-secondary education through distance learning and online, my first choice would be UFred because my experience has been extremely positive, and I would not have the sound knowledge I do today without UFred.”