UFred10: a decade of supporting student success

About UFred10


UFred10 is a campaign that celebrates the University of Fredericton’s 10-year anniversary through storytelling, highlighting the vibrant community that has been created over the past decade and where we’re headed as an organization moving forward.


From March 6 – May 13, we will be celebrating this occasion through 10 collective stories from students, alumni, faculty, and staff members. All stories are available throughout the campaign, but each Wednesday, we invite you to listen in to the UFred10 Podcast Series, where a different featured volunteer will be interviewed about their UFred experience.


Through these stories, we hope that you will be able to see the impact that UFred has had in the community, and the many ways that we are continuing to grow.


2007: A Bold Dream


Ten years ago, a group of founders set out to realize a dream. Armed with passion and a deep-rooted understanding of the post-secondary education system, they envisioned a different kind of university, one that offers innovative and relevant online education that emphasizes leadership and lifelong learning.


The founders pledged to build this university on a commitment to integrity, passion, mutual-trust, mutual-respect, competency and understanding student’s needs in order to offer them the best possible education and services. Since 2007, this philosophy has fueled the University of Fredericton’s (UFred) dedication to student success.


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 2017: Who We Are Today


Today, UFred prides itself on its reach and diversity, made possible through the accessible, affordable, fully online nature of its programs. With more than 3,000 students across every province and territory in Canada, and programs specializing in Occupational Health and Safety, Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace, and MBA and EMBA programs, the university’s courses are designed for working professionals looking to advance their careers and add new skill sets with minimal disruption to their work and personal lives.  While all distinct, UFred programs all encapsulate an energetic core that contains the spirit and vision of the founders and their dream.

Where We’re Headed: a Global Leader with Unlimited Potential


As a fully online university, UFred is perfectly positioned to provide post-secondary education not just in Canada, but around the world. Using tools such as Cisco WebEx, we can connect an unlimited number of people to the world’s top educators on a schedule that is right for the student, no matter where they are located. UFred’s online students and faculty can forge connections with professionals in a global environment, and can take advantage of innovative tools that make collaboration a core component of their experience.


UFred will continue to support student success with innovative, student-centric, quality education, a focus on leadership and lifelong learning, exceptional service, and a commitment to empower learners globally to achieve their goals through accessible, applied professional education.


By combining our unique ability to scale and reach new opportunities in a more connected world, we are shaping the future of education.


Message from UFred Founder, Kjetil Sandermoen


The University of Fredericton is celebrating its 10th Anniversary this month, April 2017. Soon after opening our doors, our students began calling us UFred as a term of endearment. To me, this “buddy like” name was proof of the successful integration of students, faculty, and staff. We strive to be “a buddy”; someone who is trusted, with a relationship rooted in integrity and professionalism.
Let me Begin by sharing with you what we are.


We provide accessible and affordable higher education allowing students to better incorporate education into their work, family, and social life. We provide up-to-date and relevant content to the student that is fast and flexible, rife with academic integrity. We want to bring education to those students, who under the conditions of traditional bricks and mortar facilities, may not otherwise be able to succeed.


We are labeled a “for-profit university.” This is the usual case with privately funded education. I prefer to see us as a “for-education university”; it suits us better. For UFred to succeed the focus has to be on the academic content and students; without our students, we cease to exist. Profitability enables us to reinvest in the development of programs and delivery capabilities continuously. Our success is measured in continued investment in our students.


We believe in education, in lifelong learning. We are Accredited, Accessible and Affordable for our students. We are student-centric, and academic integrity is our core value., Our capabilities are directed towards our students. This is our primary focus; we accept it as our responsibility.


Today, we can look back on the first successful 10 years. When I listen to our student’s testimonials about how important their education at UFred has been for them, it touches me deep in my heart. When I listen to the alumni in the Podcast Series regarding our anniversary, I understand that we have succeeded well beyond what I had dreamed.


Our UFred students are successful and happy, we are recruiting growing numbers of students, we are continuously expanding our academic offerings, we attract highly qualified faculty and staff, and everyone involved finds a sense of joy and pride in what we are doing. After the first 10 years, I am so proud to be a part of the University of Fredericton, and I want to thank everyone involved for their dedication; alumni, students, faculty, staff, management, partners, advisors, academic board members and the board of directors. We would not be here today without you.


Kjetil Sandermoen, April 2017